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Balance 1

Balance 1

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The Balance 1 is designed to bring balance to your game.

Adjustable Weight Technology allows you to dial in your balance point & find your preferred swing weight!

  • Swap between 10g & 15g Gryp weights to customize your preferred swing weight and balance point.

Right in between the industry standard 16mm & 14mm, the Balance 1 is forged with a 15mm Polypropylene Core, resulting in maximum feel & responsiveness.

The 100% carbon framed Unibody Design increases durability, stability, sweet spot & power.

Full Body Foam Injection expands the sweet spot and minimizes vibration.

Experience unmatched spin & reinforced durability with T700 Carbon Fiber.

React faster with our Responsive Handle Technology, offering a subtle yet noticeable improvement in response time.

Our Aero Arc design is tailored to reduce drag & increase your swing speed, allowing you to enjoy versatile shots, react faster, effortlessly cover the court, and reduce fatigue.


      • Average Weight: 8.5oz (With 10g end-cap)
      • Length: 16.5"
      • Width: 7.5"
      • Thickness: 15mm
      • Core: 8mm Honeycomb Polypropylene
      • Power: 9/10
      • Control: 9/10
      • Spin: 9/10
      • Twist Rate: Average
      • Swing Weight: Slightly lower than average
      • Spin Rate: 1,670-1,700 RPMs
      • Twist Rate: 6.5 KgxCm^2
      • Swing Weight 85.1 KgxCm^2
      • 10g Weight Balance Point: 227.2mm
      • 15g Weight Balance Point: 222.2mm
      • 10g Weight Balance Point: 52.78%
      • 15g Weight Balance Point: 52.5%
      • Sample size of 80 most popular paddles on the market, the average balance point is 56.31%
      • Our balance point is approximately 4% closer to the midpoint than most paddles (Depending on your adjustable weight). You'll love the control you have without sacrificing power.

        The GRYP Balance 1 Carbon Fiber Paddle is the elongated option in GRYPS latest line of premium paddles, the Balance series. Packed full of powerful features to help you outplay your opponent, the power characteristics of this paddle center around the 15 mm polymer honeycomb core that is reinforced in GRYPS unibody technology - foam composite injected into the outer cells to broaden the sweet spot, reduce impact vibrations, and enhance paddle balance and power.

        Adjust your balance point or swing weight with GRYPS cutting edge Adjustable Weight Technology. Switch between 10gram and 15gram weights to find the balance point that is right for you.

        To continue its claim as the most powerful paddle in the line, the GRYP Balance 1 Carbon Fiber paddle combines a 5.5” handle length with Responsive Handle Technology. This combination adds head speed and torque to your powerful drives, while adding reach and limiting flex when you are playing a more controlled game near the net. Not to be outdone, the 10.75" x 7.5" hitting surface is a heavily textured T700 Carbon Fiber face that is engineered to rebound more than other carbon surfaces for added power and unmatched spin to shape the ball.

        As the most powerful paddle in the GRYP line, the Balance 1 does well in the hands of high-speed players who like to dictate play through power and precision.

        If it's a balance of power and control you seek, while retaining the reach of an elongated paddle, the GRYP Balance 1 is the paddle of choice.

        Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".



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