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Balance 2 Now Available

Balance 2 Now Available

Balance 2 Now Available

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Balance 1

Balance 1

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Introducing the Balance 1, an elongated pickleball paddle with unmatched control, spin, and power. Featuring patent-pending Adjustable Weight Technology, customize your paddle’s weight for precision play. Crafted with T700 Carbon Fiber and a full carbon framed unibody, the Balance 1 delivers durability and a superior sweet spot, perfect for players seeking reach and powerful smashes.

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Power and Precision, Redefined.

Step into the game with the GRYP Balance 1, engineered for those who command control and power with every swing. This paddle, a core member of our innovative Balance series, is optimized to elevate your game through groundbreaking Adjustable Weight Technology and a suite of game-changing features.

Master Your Game — Adjust your paddle's balance with interchangeable 10g, 15g, 25g, and 30g GRYP weights, perfectly tuning your paddle for a precise swing weight and balance point. With these customizable options, the Balance 1 is crafted to fit your unique play style seamlessly.

Engineered for Responsiveness — The Balance 1 is constructed with a 15mm Polypropylene Honeycomb Core, striking the ideal balance between industry standards to deliver maximum feel and responsiveness.

Unyielding Construction — With a 100% carbon fiber framed Unibody Design, this paddle boasts increased durability, stability, and a generous sweet spot, enhancing both power and control.

Choose Your Champion Weight — Customize your play with the GRYP Balance 1, available in three weight options, each designed to enhance a specific aspect of your game. Select from our color-coded models to find the perfect match for your style:

  • Red: Feather-light at 7.9oz for ultimate speed and swift reactions, ideal for players who prioritize agility.
  • White: Balanced at 8.2oz, offering a perfect blend of speed and control, suited for versatile players.
  • Purple: Solid at 8.5oz, provides additional power and stability, perfect for players who focus on driving forceful shots.

Each weight option is tailored to optimize your performance on the court, allowing you to choose the best paddle to elevate your game strategy.

Product Features

  • Full Body Foam Injection: Expands the sweet spot and significantly reduces vibration for smoother play.
  • T700 Carbon Fiber Face: Experience unmatched spin and reinforced durability for aggressive, controlled shots.
  • Responsive Handle Technology: Our responsive handle ensures quicker reactions and subtle improvements in response time, empowering you to stay ahead in fast exchanges.
  • Aero Arc Design: Tailored to reduce drag and enhance swing speed, the Balance 1 allows for versatile shot-making, effortless court coverage, and reduced player fatigue, making it perfect for high-speed play.


  • Average Weight: 8.5oz (With 10g end-cap)
  • Length: 16.5"
  • Width: 7.5"
  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Core: 8mm Honeycomb Polypropylene
  • Performance Ratings: Power: 9/10, Control: 9/10, Spin: 9/10
  • Spin Rate: 1,670-1,700 RPMs
  • Balance Point: Adjustable with 10g and 15g weights, enhancing control without sacrificing power.

Whether you are driving hard from the baseline or engaging in precise net play, the Balance 1 delivers a performance that combines power with exceptional control. For players who thrive on dictating the pace and style of the game, the GRYP Balance 1 is your ultimate choice — where technology, performance, and style converge to create the perfect paddle for high-speed enthusiasts.