Gryp Erasers

How to Clean Your Paddle

  • Revitalize your Paddle: As you battle it out on the pickleball court, those pesky plastic fibers may dampen your paddle's spin and appearance. Say goodbye to spin reduction and unsightly blemishes by giving your paddle a refreshing cleanse with our signature GRYP erasers.
  • Maintain the Premium Design: Powered by our exclusive soft rubber blend, GRYP erasers effortlessly sweep away ball residue, dirt, and those minor scrapes and scratches. Just a few smooth swipes, and voilà! Your paddle looks brand new again. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip for an unparalleled cleaning experience.
  • Portability Redefined: GRYP erasers easily fit into your Pickle Ball bag, always ready for action! Leave those messy liquid solutions and towels behind – GRYP is the ultimate on-the-go companion. Clean your paddle before, after, or even during intense games for an instant refresh that keeps you at the top of your game.