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Balance 2 Now Available

Balance 2 Now Available

Balance 2 Now Available

What is Adjustable Weight Technology?

Our Balance Series showcases our revolutionary Adjustable Weight Technology, designed for players who seek ultimate control over every detail.

Customize your paddle’s balance and weight to perfectly match your style of play.

Whether you're driving power shots or finessing drops, find your unique equilibrium with our Balance Series paddles.

simply swap the weights

At GRYP Pickleball, innovation meets performance with our patent-pending Adjustable Weight Technology. This cutting-edge feature allows you to customize your paddle’s swing weight and balance point with precision.

By simply swapping between different gryp weights, strategically placed at the base of the handle, you can tailor your paddle to suit your unique playing style. Whether you need more power for aggressive shots, better control for precise placement, or enhanced finesse for delicate touches, our Adjustable Weight Technology empowers you to adapt your game to any situation.

Elevate your play, enhance your responsiveness, and dominate the court with a paddle perfectly calibrated to your needs.

tailor your tool

Fine-tune your paddle to match your playing style and elevate your performance on the court.

10g: Ideal for players seeking maximum agility and quick reactions. The lightest option provides effortless maneuverability, allowing for rapid volleys and swift transitions.

15g: A balanced choice for players who want a mix of control and speed. This weight offers enhanced precision while maintaining good maneuverability, perfect for all-around play.

25g: Adds noticeable heft to your paddle, increasing power without sacrificing too much control. This weight is excellent for players who want to deliver powerful smashes and deep shots with added force.

30g: The heaviest option, designed for players who need maximum power and stability. This weight helps you drive the ball with authority and maintain control over heavy hits, ideal for powerful baseline play and aggressive tactics.