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Balance 2 Now Available

Balance 2 Now Available

Balance 2 Now Available

Balance 1


Balance 2


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Paddle: Balance 1

Average Weight: 8.5oz (With 10g end-cap)

Length: 16.5"

Width: 7.5"

Thickness: 15mm

Core: 8mm Honeycomb Polypropylene

Control: 95/100

Spin: 100/100

Power: 80/100

Twist Rate: 6.14-6.0

Swing Weight: 113

Spin Rate: 2,042 RPM - 2,107 RPM

10g Weight Balance Point: 227.2mm

15g Weight Balance Point: 222.2mm

10g Weight Balance Point: 52.78%

15g Weight Balance Point: 52.5%

Sample size of 80 most popular paddles on the market, the average balance point is 56.31%

Our balance point is approximately 4% closer to the midpoint than most paddles (Depending on your adjustable weight). You'll love the control you have without sacrificing power.

Learn More about our Balance Series.

GRYP Tool Kit

Customize for precision, play for perfection.

Elevate Your Edge with GRYP Pickleball's Adjustable Weight Technology. Swap seamlessly between our precision-crafted 10g & 15g and 25g & 30g Gryp weight kits. Our Balance Series paddles offer unmatched customization, allowing you to fine-tune your equipment to meet the exact demands of your game. Achieve precision like never before—tailor your paddle, transform your play.

GRYP Erasers

How to Clean Your Paddle

  • Revitalize your Paddle: As you battle it out on the pickleball court, those pesky plastic fibers may dampen your paddle's spin and appearance. Say goodbye to spin reduction and unsightly blemishes by giving your paddle a refreshing cleanse with our signature GRYP erasers.
  • Maintain the Premium Design: Powered by our exclusive soft rubber blend, GRYP erasers effortlessly sweep away ball residue, dirt, and those minor scrapes and scratches. Just a few smooth swipes, and voilà! Your paddle looks brand new again. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip for an unparalleled cleaning experience.
  • Portability Redefined: GRYP erasers easily fit into your Pickle Ball bag, always ready for action! Leave those messy liquid solutions and towels behind – GRYP is the ultimate on-the-go companion. Clean your paddle before, after, or even during intense games for an instant refresh that keeps you at the top of your game.

How To Swap Weights

How to Remove your GRYP Weight

Change your Gryp weight with ease!

  1. Place provided screw driver into gap located at the handle end cap.
  2. Make sure tool is all the way into the hole
  3. Gently use tool as a leaver
  4. Place hand around the end cap circumference
  5. Use palm to press weight into end cap
  6. Make sure it’s flush

      The name "Gryp" seems appropriate because it feels like the paddle grips the ball a little longer, which gives me extra control of my shots. The power and pop are superb which allow my passing shots to explode past my opponents. You can especially notice the spin on serves as I like to swing hard at contact. The ball dips beautifully into the back of the court. I would highly recommend this paddle...

      Rick Persons


      "This is the best all-around paddle I've ever used. I was using six zero paddles before the Balance1 and I really liked them but the Gryp is better on every metric, AND, significantly better for hand-speed. I'm very interested on the progression of this company and happy to be playing their paddle."

      Jason Walker


      This paddle is truly the best paddle I’ve ever used! The pop, feel, grit, and adjustable weight technology is AMAZING! This company is cutting edge and has started something special. The ability to change the balance point of your paddle with such ease is so cool!

      Sam Brown