Our Story

The Founders:

We went from pickleball-rivals, to men's doubles partners, to business partners.
We still play doubles together, but our passion for researching, testing and talking paddles sometimes overshadows the actual game play.
The word “grip” has two big meanings in pickleball:
  1. Paddle face texture
  2. The handle of the paddle
We took this name because our mission is twofold:
Giving players the most spin and we strive to make the best handle in pickleball.
Our company got the name “Gryp” on 11/5/2022. The letter “y” in Gryp was originally supposed to look like a cute little pickleball paddle hidden in the name, but we changed our logo so many times that it’s just a cool spelling error now.

We’re creative, and very picky. Randy’s background is cooking pizzas🍕, my background is selling boxes📦. Pizza goes in boxes, and that’s the kind of team we are. He’s the pizza to my box.
Gryp is more than a sweet logo on high quality products. Gryp embodies excellence by continuing to push the envelope, and having a great time along the way.

Randy Anderson

Hey, I’m Randy. I’m 5’5”, and my favorite shot in pickleball is the Lob. I’ll lob out of the air, off the bounce, with my forehand, with my backhand, into the wind, with wind at my back, and sun in your face… It doesn't matter. I will find a way to get the ball over your head and onto the ground. Please don’t lob me. That’s my thing.

"The B1 is amazing, and we appreciate everyone’s support. Thanks for joining us on this journey, we have something amazing in the works, and we can’t wait to get it into your hands!” - Randy

Kramer Sims

Hello there, I’m Kramer. My favorite shot in pickleball is… Ernes and ATPs.
I can’t pick one because they both make me feel equally as cool.
A side effect of Ernes is me pointlessly jumping over the kitchen line leaving my partner alone to cover the whole court. A side effect of ATPs is me jamming the ball directly into the pole, but those are risks I’m willing to take because I live for Ernes and ATPs! Ernes and ATPs get me out of bed in the morning!
"When we R&D together it’s a vigorous process. We want nothing but the best, and it’s reflected in every product we create.” - Kramer


What's up? My favorite shot in pickleball is... Mid-court speed ups. I have a special ability to make it work, and if you say "don't speed the ball up from there", it will only make me want to do it more! I don't play traditional pickleball: I hold the paddle ping-pong-style, serve right handed, but play left handed. Most people don't notice I'm a left until it's too late.

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